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Amy MacClain, an inspired, creative mother of one, comes from a long line of creative women.Her mother used to sell pheasant feather jewelry on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in the 70’s. Her grandmother used to prowl the gem shows looking for her favorite stones. Amy’s delicate and sophisticated designs combine her flair for simple elegance in art and style with her desire for emotional health and spiritual connection.
“I love the look, but also the feel of semi-precious stones. They all have healing properties, and I believe that we are drawn to the ones we need the most. Personally I’m drawn to Rose Quartz, which enhances your ability to love yourself and others, and Moonstone, the stone of self-expression and self-realization.”

Amy is always looking for the deepest truth and connection in whatever she does, whether it’s designing jewelry, writing songs or articles, or facilitating workshops and coaching around parenting, communication and conflict management.

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