Bully-Proof Kids for Flourishing Families


See how the Bully-Proof System can help you and your family handle bullying for good!

Are your kids facing bullying, teasing, fighting, meanness?

Sadly, these are the parts of our OWN childhoods we are often still trying to forget, and handling these issues with our kids can be devastating, confusing, enraging and just plain painful, not to mention PRESSURE FILLED!

Do you feel prepared to help them? 

Few parents are adequately prepared to REALLY help their kids through those challenging times- if you feel that way, you're not alone. The pains and pressures of handling teasing, conflict and bullying for our kids are so real and powerful, but they don’t have to leave our kids scarred, or us feeling hopeless, powerless, or overcome with anger. 

The solution is actually pretty simple, and totally do-able.

My 5-part system for handling bullying, whether your child is being bullied or acting hurtfully towards others, will transform your children, create relief, empowerment, more social ease, more joy, even better learning skills! I’ve worked with thousands of children, teachers, parents and administrators over the last 10 years, teaching incredibly effective tools for stopping and preventing bullying, raising awareness and self-esteem, creating resilience and empowerment for families and schools.

Take the first step today… Give your kids the support they deserve! 

The Bully-Proof System

No Lasting Scars

Step 1: Know exactly what to say and do when bullying happens so it doesn't leave lasting scars

The Key Communications

Step 2: The KEY Communications: teach your child to communicate effectively to take care of him or herself, and learn how BEST to get results with schools, kids and other parents

Bully-Proof Your Discipline

Step 3: Create a personalized discipline plan that fosters Bully-Proof kids (did you know that some discipline actually leads DIRECTLY to bullying behaviors?)

Handling The Breakdowns

Step 4: What to do when it all breaks down – creating alignment with your partner and bully-proofing YOUR triggers

This Never Happens Again

Step 5: Now that the problem behavior or bullying has stopped, how do you make sure it'll never happen again? 

Click here for a free 20-minute personalized strategy session – we'll work together to make sure you know exactly how to handle bullying – what to say and do to create flourishing families and communities. We can do it! I can help!